Spread the LOVE - Valentine's Day Offer

This Valentine's Day, I have an incredible offer for you! 
(If you really can't wait - skip to the bottom!)

I know how vulnerable it can be to ask for help. 

I don't make it through a single day of my life without some kind of help. 

In fact, these days I don't even make it out of bed before someone is helping me! (I'm not a morning person so my incredibly loving husband gets all three of our kids off to school every morning before I wake). 

Recently, when dealing with a health challenge, I had a team friends who were helping me on a daily basis by calling or texting to check in on me, going grocery shopping, preparing meals, doing laundry and even taking out my garbage. 

In addition to the free help, from family and friends, over the years I've also paid for a LOT of help. My life has been enriched beyond measure from paid help from personal therapists, marriage therapists, parenting and business coaches, meditation and yoga teachers, massage therapists, nannies, cleaners... the list goes on and on. Years later, I am still reaping the benefits and feeling the value. 

Today, in honor of Valentine's Day, I want to spread the LOVE! 

Starting today, until the end of February, I am offering my Hakomi-Coaching services at up to 50% off my normal introductory pricing. You will not find another Life Coach or Certified Hakomi Practitioner with my experience at this price!! I work in person at my home office in Sharon, MA as well as over phone, Skype, FaceTime and Google Chat.

10 (50 minute) Hakomi-Coaching sessions for $360.
One time offer for new clients only. Must be used in 10 consecutive weeks. 
5 (50 minute) Hakomi-Coaching sessions for $250.
For new and returning clients. Must be used in 5 consecutive weeks.

Additionally, for every paid client that you refer I will offer you one FREE (50 minute session). So, forward this e-mail to anyone you think could use the help but needs a little nudge in the right direction! 

Don't wait! Get the help that you deserve! Reply now to Ketriellah@newmooncoaching.com to set up your first session. 

Still not sure? Have questions? Set up a time for a FREE 20 minute consultation.